Welcome to NEO-GREEN SEEDS, the new generation of seed producers with African values at heart. We are dedicated to provide YOU with the best quality of improved seeds and PROMISE to work closely with you throughout the gardening process to harvest the BEST possible YIELDS. Your SUCCESS is our only HAPPINESS.

About Us

Our mission is to increase the accessibility, availability and affordability of clean and improved planting material to even the most remote farmer in the northern region of Uganda. In a way contributing to the Global SDGs of NO POVERTY and ZERO HUNGER by 2030.

With a highly dedicated and knowledgeable team in seed production, we work diligently to deliver products that offer superior performance and set new standards for the region. In order to take care of the broad market segment, we produce a variety of seeds ranging from cereals, pulses and oil seeds all packed in different quantities starting with 0.25kg up to 10kgs satisfying every customers’ needs.
We partner with the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (MUK) and government through NACRRI and NASARRI, where we acquire high quality foundation seed which under strict and regular crop inspections by NSCS, we further breed to get the certified seed we market to our customers. Our contract grower base is made of trained and fully certified local men and women who have continuously supplied us with quality seed produced in specialised seed production areas around the region.
Even with all environmental conditions favorable, good seed with poor farming techniques will still result into a poor harvest. As an after-sale service, at Neogreen Seeds every customer gets a share of the vast and free knowledge we have about the new and modern farming methods available as well as proper use of improved agro inputs. Our dedicated team of agronomists makes personal visits to our customers’ farms in order to share more information and rectify any mishaps. And this is one of the major reasons we are the best choice for quality seed in the region. .



Our principles are so fundamental to the success of our business and are the roadmap on how and why we make our decisions. Wherever we operate, we aim for the highest standards of performance and behavior in everything we do.

Our focus is the success of our customers. We need to provide them with high-quality products and services at a good price. These products should meet high health, safety and environmental standards.

We are field- and client-driven, consistently delivering the best products in a cost-effective way hence creating a long-term value relationship with our customers. We need to make sustainable profits if our business is to thrive.

We operate with the highest standards of integrity and fairness in business dealings:
• no waste and bureaucracy
• no bribery or unethical practices
• no conflicts of interest
• and recording all business transactions and submitting them for audit.

Unless absolute confidentiality is required, we’re committed to communicating in an open, factual and timely manner among ourselves and with our customers.

Meet The Amazing Team

Eventually, it all comes down to people. Creating a winning team and a self-sustaining culture takes hard work, and there is no substitute for it. This is one of the best teams you can ever work with, because they are disciplined, they work well together, they execute consistently and they have a passion to WIN.

Ekuka Odong

MD & Production Manager

Okii Raymond

Farm Manager

Erema Allan

Marketing Manager

Ekuka Abdallah Atto

Finance & Accounts Manager

We deliver delightful and reliable gardening experiences.

We might blow our own trumpet, but it only sounds better when we hear it from you.

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